Certificate of Practice (C.O.P.)

As per criteria laid down in chapter III, Rule 12(2)(c),of Companies (Registered Valuers & Valuation) Rules, 2017, we are organizing a Mandatory Training Program for our members who have cleared valuation exam conducted by IBBI. The Certificate Of Practice(C.O.P.) will be issued to the participants after they are enlisted in the list of RV prepared by the IBBI.

Continual Education Program:(C.E.P)

As per the Rule 12(2)(e),of THE COMPANIES (REGISTERED VALUERS AND VALUATION) RULES,2017,a RVO has to provide Continual Education to the members

As per Annexure I,Model Code of Conduct for registered Valuers,As per Clause 8,A valuer shall continuously maintain professional knowledge and skill to provide competent professional service based on up-to-date developments in practice,prevailing regulations/guidelines and techniques

Semi Annual Report (S.A.R.)

Members have to submit Semi Annual Report stating Valuation Assignments Done under Companies act & Insolvency Code. Ongoing assignments as well as Completed Assignments have to be reported as a part of compliance.

S.A.R. to be submitted by 7th October & 7th April every year